How to Choose the Transparent LED Curtain Wall

transparent LED curtain wall screens are becoming more and more popular with customers in high-end display products because of their high transparency, simple structure, light weight, fast installation, convenient maintenance, green energy saving, and good heat dissipation performance.

Transparent led curtain wall screen models generally include P3.9, P7.8, P10.4, P12.5, etc., P means pixel pitch, The value behind P refers to the distance between two pixels, which we call Point spacing. And the smaller the value of the pixel pitch, the higher resolution, the clearer the display screen, and the more suitable for viewing at close range. Since the smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer the picture, should we choose a transparent screen with a smaller pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch and transparency are dilemmas for LED transparent screens. The smaller the pixel pitch, the lower the transparency, This is because the smaller pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density, and the need for more LED lamp per unit area will inevitably be at the cost of losing a part of the transparency, and the high transparency is precisely the biggest advantage of the LED transparent display. The price of increasing the transparency rate is the expansion of the pixel pitch, which affects the clarity and display effect of its picture.

The pixel pitch and transparency of the transparent led curtain wall screen can’t have both, so how do we choose the right one?

The pixel pitch is not as small as possible. When considering the cost performance of transparent LED transparent screens, the pixel pitch is a non-negligible element. Generally speaking, the transparent screen pixel pitch is not only closely related to the display accuracy, viewing distance, and application location of the screen, but also one of the decisive factors in the price of transparent LED display. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price of the transparent LED screen.

There is a relationship between area and viewing distance. The longer the viewing distance, the larger the screen area, so the definition of the display is not high, so choose a transparent led screen with a large pixel pitch.

Therefore, when choosing a transparent LED screen, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the area of the venue, the viewing distance, and whether it is necessary to support a special display effect.

For transparent led curtain wall screen, we can choose the right solution by consulting professionals, know the application place, installation area, etc. in advance, so as to provide the best solution.

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