How to install the LED display screen

We can often see many LED displays installed in various occasions. For these LED displays, if you want to use them well, you must first install them properly. If you do not pay attention to the installation, it is very likely that accidents and problems will occur frequently during use, which will greatly affect the use of LED displays.  So, what are the parts of the LED display installation process? Let the LED display supplier Guoxin photoelectric technology tell you.

Generally speaking, the installation of LED display is mainly divided into four steps: field survey, structure construction, installation and debugging, and inspection and maintenance.

1. Field survey
Before the LED display is installed, a unified test should be carried out for the specific environment, topography, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance and other parameters. In order to ensure the smooth installation of the LED display, it is required that the design must be based on the parameters of the field survey before installation. A most suitable installation plan to ensure normal and stable installation without errors. Different venues are treated differently in different situations, so as to adopt the most appropriate method for follow-up work.

2. Structure and equipment selection
When preparing the LED display installation structure, choose different equipment and structures according to different types of LED displays. The actual installation should be based on the distance and height. If it is installed outdoors, it needs to be installed in sections with a crane and a hoist, and at the same time ensure that the personnel cooperate with each other. It should be noted that during the installation process, safety and refined operation are the first requirements, and the safety of the staff and the screen must be ensured.

3. LED display configuration
After the installation of the LED display is completed, parameter settings should be carried out to ensure that the LED display can display normally. In order to obtain the best use effect, it is necessary to debug the luminous radiation range of the LED full-color display. The radiation range is different, the viewing angle of the LED display is also different. In order to ensure that images and subtitles information can be seen with normal and balanced brightness from every angle, adjustments must be made according to the field acceptance and the audience’s normal viewing angle range. The large viewing angle and appropriate brightness can give the audience the best visual experience. How to set the led display parameters?

4. Inspection and maintenance
In order to be delivered smoothly, follow-up inspection and maintenance must be carried out. In the inspection process, the main concern is the flatness, protection ability, and display effect of the LED full-color screen, such as the waterproof coating of the outdoor LED display, heat dissipation equipment, power cable, etc., these basic components can be used normally to make the LED The display is safe and stable to use. Moreover, it is necessary to do a good job in the later maintenance work, conduct unified management and maintenance of the LED display engineering accessories, and replace the failure and old components in time to ensure the safety and stability of the display.

Do a good job in the installation of outdoor LED displays to ensure that the LED displays can be used stably for a long time, so that customers can rest assured and win their trust.

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