Rental Transparent LED Display 

Rental transparent LED display screens are often disassembled, built and transported. The cabinet must be easy to disassemble in structural design, and it must be light in weight and easy to transport. It is usually made of die-cast aluminum cabinet, which is light and thin in structure, and has high stability and is more convenient. Install and disassemble at any time.

Mainly used in concerts, stage performances, auto shows, large evening parties and other fields.

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Product Features

High Transparency
The rental LED transparent screen has the advantage of high transparency. It can display multimedia content without affecting the sight as much as possible, providing a variety of effects and increasing the viewer’s visual experience.
Lightweight and Strong
The die-cast aluminum cabinet is used to enhance the strength of the screen body, which is not easy to be damaged during frequent movement, and at the same time reduces the weight of the product, single unit weight only 7.5KG, making installation and movement more convenient and quick
High Brightness and Refresh rate
With a brightness of more than 5000cd, you can see clearly even outdoors, with a refresh rate of 3840Hz, the picture is vivid, even if you use a high-definition camera to shoot, the video will not have water ripples
With fast lock and power socket, It can be quickly install and remove

Product Specification

Model GX-PH3.91 GX-PH7.82A GX-PH7.82B
Pixel pitch 3.91 – 7.82 mm 7.82 – 7.82 mm 7.82 – 15.64 mm
Module size 1000mm*500mm 1000mm*500mm 1000mm*500mm
Pixel density 32768 px/㎡ 16384 PX/㎡ 16384PX/㎡
Color 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
The optimal viewing distance 5 ~ 100m 8 ~ 100m 10 ~ 100m
Transparency 65% 65% 75%
Weight 15 KG/ ㎡ 15 KG/㎡ 14 KG/㎡
Viewing angle 140°- 140° 140°- 140° 140°- 140°
Thickness 8 cm 8 cm 8 cm
Average power 100 w/㎡ 200 w/㎡ 100 w/㎡
Max consumption 600 w/㎡ 600 w/㎡ 600 w/㎡
Refresh rate ≥3840 Hz ≥3840 Hz ≥3840 Hz
White balance brightness ≥4500 cd/㎡ ≥4500 cd/㎡ ≥4500 cd/㎡
Lifespan 100000 H 100000 H 100000 H
Waterproof IP45 IP45 IP45

Installation Video

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