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After 40 years of development, Shenzhen has become a first-tier city of  China. As the capital of science and technology, Shenzhen has gathered the most famous LED display screen manufacturers in the world. Which LED transparent manufacturer is better in Shenzhen? Before answering such questions, please allow me to show you a company, Shenzhen GuoXin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

GUOJIA Group is a R&D, production and sales LED products company, it has been producing and delivering LED display product since 2009. Shenzhen GuoXin Optoelectronics Technology is the key enterprise of LED display parts of GUOJIA Group, now the main products are transparent LED display screen and fine pixel pitch LED display products, we also can customize products to meet your needs. It is our passion to continuously provide high cost-effective display products with good service and short delivery time.

Company Values: Innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence.

Service Principle: Professional, dedicated, providing quality products and excellent service.

Quality Concept: It is our responsibility to be qualified, Excellent quality is our contribution.

Every day, our spirit is reflected in the products we build and in the way we interact with our customers. We believe that technological innovation is not just judged by the electronic signs we build today, but by what we will build tomorrow.

GuoXin Optoelectronics through continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs, the led transparent screen not only guarantees the lighting requirements and viewing angle range requirements of the floors, glass facades, windows and other lighting structures of the product use environment, but also has good heat dissipation and anti-aging functions. Product installation And maintenance is extremely convenient, completely breaking the limitations of the traditional LED display on the glass curtain wall. The LED transparent screen has the following advantages:

1. High transparency, high light transmittance

The transparency of the glass curtain wall led display (also called “transparent led display”) is 65%~90%, and the thickness of each LED light bar is only 2mm, and the gap between the light bars is transparent. It is generally installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall of a commercial building, and installed indoors for outdoor displays, which completely breaks the limitations of traditional LED displays on glass.

2. Simple structure and light weight

The glass curtain wall LED display adopts a hollow strip design. Compared with the traditional LED display cabinet, its structure is more flexible. The box size can be customized according to the specific size of the glass to better fit the glass curtain wall and reduce the load-bearing pressure.

3. Fast installation and easy maintenance

The glass curtain wall led display has a flexible structure, light weight and quick installation. Maintenance is done indoors, with high efficiency and low cost.

4. Energy saving, good heat dissipation

The glass curtain wall led display has good properties such as high transparency, no noise, and low power consumption. It is more than 30% more energy-efficient than conventional LED displays.

Wide range of applications: banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, office buildings, etc.

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