The LED glass transparent screen

The LED glass transparent screen, a display technology with fantastic colors, has attracted much attention since its inception. It is the best partner for glass curtain walls. It can be applied wherever there is glass, such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, automobile 4S shops, science and technology museums, etc. The led glass transparent screen makes the world more transparent and the glass more attractive.

At present, in the bustling and noisy cities, we see more conventional LED displays. Some of them are used in office buildings, some are used in commercial buildings, some are used in science and technology expo halls, etc… .. In addition, there is a kind of display screen that is not permeable to the wind, blocking the outdoor light and viewing line of sight. It is a transparent LED display screen, and its value with the glass curtain wall is often overlooked.

The transparent LED display has been attracting attention since its creation. Its cooperation with the glass curtain wall is a well-deserved best partner. As long as there is glass, the transparent LED display can come in handy, such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, car shops, shopping malls, etc. The led glass transparent screen makes the world more transparent and makes the glass more attractive. So why is it so much loved by people? Then let us take a look together.

Every day, our spirit is reflected in the products we build and in the way we interact with our customers. We believe that technological innovation is not just judged by the electronic signs we build today, but by what we will build tomorrow.

First of all, this LED screen solves a big problem that the traditional LED display cannot be used in a large area of glass curtain wall in the past. With the development of LED display technology and the breakthrough of modern construction technology, it has been gradually sought after by the market in recent years. Especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, various solutions have appeared. Transparent LED display technology has the characteristics of high transparency, ultra-light and thin, and has obvious technical advantages in the field of construction media. In the case of urban outdoor advertising resources being increasingly scarce, glass curtain walls are a new blue ocean field. The scope of this field is very wide, and it can cooperate with the application and implementation of a variety of scenarios.

In addition, the transparent LED display solves the problem that window advertisements in the commercial retail industry cannot be displayed digitally. Street windows are an important means of retail store merchandise display and promotion, and are of great significance for displaying retail store business categories, focusing on promoting merchandise, and attracting consumers to buy. The window is freed from the traditional single print advertisement, the advertising format is more flexible and changeable, the store image is more vivid and vivid, and consumers and the store have a deeper level of information exchange and interaction.

There are also LED glass transparent screens that have perfectly combined modern art, and have several major advantages such as high transparency, stability, and long life. The pass rate is as high as 90%. After the installation is completed, it will not affect the original There are architectural styles, indoor lighting and viewing sight, and more importantly, it can also play a role in lighting glass buildings, enhance its commercial value, and play a good advertising effect. The led glass transparent screen gives the glass curtain wall a new life, makes the glass more vital, and makes urban life more colorful.

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