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Transparent Adhesive LED Display

Transparent Adhesive LED Display Panel

Model: P4-8 / P5-10 / P6.5 / P8 / P10 / P20

Panel Material: Acrylic glass

Brightness: ≥3000 nits / 4000 nits / 5000 nits

Panel Size: 256 * 960 mm / 208 * 960 mm / 320 * 960 mm

Customizable and Cuttable
Can be cut to size requirements, not limited by size and shape, and can meet different requirements to meet more creative display sizes
Ultra-thin, ultra-light and Bendable
The weight is only 3.5kg per square meter, and the thickness is only 3 mm. The thin and light design makes the installation more convenient, no other supporting structure is needed, bendable to adapt to different shapes.


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