What is the Outdoor LED Grille Display

What is the LED grille display screen?  as the name suggests, they also refer to a grid-shaped display screen that is formed by light bars in recent years, which is another name for light bar screens. Because its form is hollow, grille format, so people in the industry call it grille display screen, hollow screen, etc. This type of display is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building roofs, outdoor anti-aircraft artillery, sightseeing elevators, etc.

Due to the special structure of the product, different from the previous box-type LED display, the LED grille display screen has the following five technical characteristics:

The LED grille display  screen is light in weight and small in wind resistance

For the LED grille display  screen, light weight is our most direct real experience. The weight is due to the screen body grid, which allows the LED display to be air permeable and extremely resistant to wind.

LED grille display screen high efficiency and low power consumption

The real energy saving comes from: high-brightness, high-efficiency LED lights, and high-efficiency power supplies.

Highly integrated

Highly integrated (built-in power supply and receiving card, each unit can work independently; power supply and signal one-line plug-in).

IP67 high protection level

The LED grille display screen has a high protection level of IP67, because the concept of IP67 is immersion and waterproof, that is, the product is immersed as a whole, and the safety and stability of use are guaranteed.

Easy to install

No steel structure installation, no air conditioning, can be installed front or rear.

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