Why Do You Need LED Digital Signage For Your Business

LED Digital signage is a new media concept, which refers to public places where large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and others converge, through large-screen terminal display equipment, to publish business, finance and entertainment Information multimedia professional audio-visual system. Its purpose is to broadcast advertising information to a specific group of people in a specific physical place and a specific time period, so that it has the effect of advertising. In foreign countries, some people put it alongside paper media, radio, television, and the Internet, calling it the “fifth media.”

Compared with online advertising, LED digital signage is obviously more attractive. As an effective tool, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, education, sports or corporate environments, digital signage can be used to effectively communicate with users. There is no doubt that LED digital signage has become the preferred marketing tool for companies. LED digital signage has become a part of our daily lives. LED digital signage are very common in airports and railway stations, and are often used to display information such as departure and arrival time. In addition, in the catering industry, digital menus are also very common. Compared with ten years ago, people today are more accustomed to the digital world, and this is why LED digital signage is more important in today’s world.

LED Digital signage attracts attention with eye-catching fonts, text, animation and full-motion video. LED digital signage in public places can be presented to more people than Internet video. These low-maintenance screens are the perfect solution for product marketing. Therefore, if you want a marketing method that is cheaper than TV ads but can attract more people, then LED digital signage is the answer.

90% of the information processed by our brain is visual information. More than 60% of people use digital displays to learn more about the product. Research shows that 40% of customers believe that indoor LED displays will affect their purchasing decisions. LED digital signage can attract consumers to increase consumption. As many as 80% of customers admitted that they decided to enter the store because the LED digital signage outside the store attracted their attention. Even more surprising is that people can even remember what they saw on digital signage a month ago. Studies have shown that the memory rate of LED digital signage is 83%.

LED digital signage can attract more people to watch than traditional banners, and even remote audiences will be attracted. These displays help create brand awareness and create a positive image of the brand. It is very important to remain in public view, otherwise it will be easily forgotten. In the field of marketing, companies need to stay in the public eye continuously, and digital signage helps to achieve this goal easily. As a business, you can choose the settings that suit you best. The settings can be simple, basic or complex and diverse. Companies can choose multiple screens to display the same or different content, which provides companies with a wealth of choices.

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